About Us

Over 80 years of excellence !! It all started with a small family business that was founded in 1939 in Tel Aviv by the late grandfather Zvi Nayer.

Over the years, the company, which specializes in sewing and selling covers, has developed and expanded over the generations, until today the third generation manages the leading group in Israel in supplying made-to-measure fabrics for agriculture, industry, commerce, and leisure.

No matter what size, shade, or shape the customer wants – the Nayer Brothers group will know how to sew, weld, and build a suitable system to provide coverage tailored to the customer’s requirement.

The group has established itself among its customers as a supplier of products of the highest quality and durability. The group’s facilities cover about 5,000 square meters in the Elkana industrial area, including about 100 skilled workers who works Under the ISO 9001-2015 quality mark.

The Nayer Brothers Group, which operates under the Nayer Company (2002) Ltd., unites 3 divisions:


Tarpaulin for all: Tarpaulin for all through the largest and most equipped industrial sewing workshop in Israel, specializes in high-quality and durable custom fabrics. Tarpaulin for all provides fabrics for agriculture, industry, commerce, construction, leisure and home use and serve as the exclusive distributors in Israel of the DICKSON, PalRing, Sunbrella brands, and of course the Israeli flagship brand “Erez Thermoplastic Products”. In addition, the company serves as the exclusive representative in Israel of additional sheet manufacturers from around the world.

Awning for all:

The Awnings Division specializes in providing reliable, functional and elegant shading solutions.
 The capabilities to produce systems tailored to customer requirements that are simultaneously characterized by unrivaled quality and unique appearance
 are what give the awning to all the added value in the eyes of the customer.
The awning division has an advanced production, assembly and installation system that includes first-class technicians
and an extensive production workshop that uses the best raw materials and accessories.

The "Awning for All" division serves as the exclusive distributor in Israel of the leading and oldest shading brand in Europe "FLOROS",

which provides a wide range of shading solutions, including arm awnings, aluminum pergolas, fabric pergolas and all related accessories.
FLOROS'  quality products are dressed in DICKSON fabrics - the most durable and high-quality fabrics in the world, which come in a huge variety of shades and designs,
which allow adjustment to any space and design.

"Awning for all" products can be supplied with " Umbrelas for All" products in the same outfit from DICKSON for a perfect fit!

For many years, Nayer Brothers has been "behind the curtain" as a supplier and execution contractor for awning installers and the institutional and industrial market,
as it is considered a pioneer in the implementation of smart and efficient solutions.
The company has established itself among its customers as a supplier of high quality and durable products,
 using the highest quality raw materials and manufactured under strict quality control subject to international quality standards.
umbrella for all:

 umbrella for all, the umbrella division of the Nayar brothers was born as a result of the demand for umbrellas as an ancillary product to awnings. 
The desire to provide the customer with a variety of shading solutions, which meet his requirements, led the 'Nayer Brothers Group' to establish "umbrella for all",
in response to the growing need for quality umbrellas .

The DICKSON brand, marketed exclusively by the Nayar Group, allows for a comprehensive solution that includes awnings, shading sails and matching umbrellas
in a huge variety of colors and designs!

umbrella for all specializes in manufacturing and marketing reliable, functional and elegant umbrellas. 
The high durability and the elegant appearance at the same time are what give 'umbrella for All' the added value in the eyes of the customer.

Why choose the "Nayar Brothers" group?


80 years of experience -
Experience is our quality guarantee, which combines a variety of practical and modern solutions in the field of covering and shading systems

In these 80 years, we have attracted thousands of satisfied customers and expanded our sales network - both in Israel and abroad.

Compliance with production and safety regulations
All our systems and products are manufactured in controlled processes with the international ISO standard mark.


International partnerships

The full commitment to quality results is reflected in our partnerships, selected among the leading suppliers in Israel and abroad, 
such as "Erez Thermoplastic Products", Somfy, Amann, Dickson and more.
customized Production solutions
Our factory, located in the industrial area of ​​Elkana covers an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters, is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment.
Human Resources
Our team, consisting of about 75 highly technically skilled staff members who operate in the spirit of a "family"
whose members all share the same vision and you aim to maintain high customer and staff satisfaction while promoting and developing the company.

סמל 'אומת על ידי הקהילה'

סמל 'אומת על ידי הקהילה'